Urban Eaters

Urban. Funky. Cool. Modern. Edgy. That’s what they wanted.
ALDI China approached us to create branding for a new
Western Ready Meal range.

Targeted at young Chinese professionals who live a fast-paced life, it was created for convenience; the consumer can eat whatever, whenever, wherever they want. From this concept came the name Urban Eaters and the modern and minimalistic logo.

Introducing the rising A-Listers ‘Fork Man’ and ‘Fork Woman’, a fork is a universal symbol for food and subtly reflects the ‘Western’ food range. The specific origin of each meal was incorporated through tailored backgrounds, typography and character outfits. The moped, a cultural cornerstone in China, represents the on-the-go Chinese audience as well as the country of each meal by using their flag colour schemes.

The Urban Eaters brand was so popular it increased month on month. They loved Fork Man so much he now takes pride of place as a wall light in store.

  • Client
    ALDI China
  • Brief
    Urban. Funky. Cool. Modern. Edgy.
  • Scope
    Brand Name, Brand Creation, Packaging Design, Instore Promotional Materials.
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