Red Legend Meats

This is one for the emerging Chinese youth culture. ALDI China wanted a range of traditional snacks that attracted this not so traditional audience. This audience want to be different, but ironically they want to fit in.

The brandmark’s traditional Chinese calligraphy brushstroke represents the traditional snacks, further reflected through the name Red Legend. This simultaneously reflects Ancient Chinese Culture and the target market with the modern definition; a person or thing that inspires. #YouAreALegend

Social Media is paramount to the consumer, the pack design mirrors the specific Chinese social media feature, “Bullet screen”. This style, combined with the bold and bright colours, set the range apart from the competition and pinpoint the audience perfectly. The light-hearted, fun pack design captures the essence of snacking. Whether you buy them to share with your friends or all for yourself, snacks are a treat, created to bring joy!

  • Client
    ALDI China
  • Brief
    A traditional snack for a not so traditional audience. We needed to tap into the emerging Chinese youth culture, to attract the Gen-Z target market. Drawing inspiration from Chinese Social Media and light-hearted Pop Culture we captured this fun, modern audiences attention.
  • Scope
    Brand Name, Brand Creation, Packaging Design, Illustration, Photography
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