Pacific West

Pacific West came to Motor Brand Design with a problem; their frozen seafood range, Ocean Chef, was drowning in the category… pun intended. Having been in the market for many years, there was a growing disconnect between the high-quality product and the promise being made by the packaging. With an extensive, premium product range, they needed to overhaul their branding to compete successfully in the growing Frozen Seafood category.

Pacific West were open to throwing out category norms and taking a completely different, unchartered approach. It was brave and the results are brilliant. The creative team took a unique approach to the project, heading onto a trawler, before dawn, with real fishermen. They immersed themselves in the life of a fisherman. This allowed them to capture the essence of the brand; a lynchpin in creating authentic pack designs that conveyed fresh fish and seafood, the deep oceans of the world and a genuine sense of place.

At the heart of Ocean Chef is quality seafood, they travel the world to bring you the finest fish from the deepest seas. The design needed to reinforce a brand position of adventure and abundance. This was achieved through the dramatic and exciting narrative portrayed through the moody colours and stormy seas. The consumer is positioned as ‘The Ocean Chef’, the captain, battling all weather conditions for that perfect catch; with the reward of a beautiful and deliciously fresh meal. The dark, moody pack also throws up the “Middle Finger” to the categories trusted white colour scheme, allowing it to stand out against its competitors.

The pack redesign combined with the truck livery, website and corporate material redesigns, has given Ocean Chef a new lease of life!

  • Client
    Pacific West
  • Brief
    Ocean Chef, the finest fish from the deepest seas! We aimed to realign the brand to reflect its high-quality products and allow them to compete successfully in the growing Frozen Seafood category.
  • Scope
    Brand Rejuvenation, Packaging Design, Website Design, Truck Livery Design, Corporate Material, Photography.
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