With technological advancements and aiming to sustain their impressive market share, ALDI Australia wanted to rejuvenate the packaging of their Expressi coffee range; a premium, yet affordable brand that allows coffee connoisseurs to make that perfect cuppa in their own home.

Coffee, survival juice whatever we choose to call it, it takes us to a better place. The pack captures that place and the euphoric feeling you get from that first Expressi in the morning through the explosive, cloud-like graphic. The dramatic style and rich variant colours represent the aromas and intense flavour explosion that you look for in a good espresso. The thick crema on the espresso shows how impressive the product is.

The packs capture the brands premium quality, its technological advancement and the essence of coffee. With Expressi winning a Canstar Blue Award, we do not doubt that the brand will have continued success moving forward.

  • Client
    ALDI Australia
  • Brief
    Melbourne, the ‘coffee capital’ and home of Motor Brand Design, experts in coffee and design, a perfect fit for this brief. Aldi tasked the crew to rejuvenate the packaging of their Expressi coffee and hot drinks range.
  • Scope
    Brand Rejuvenation, Packaging Design, Photography
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