Duck Snacks

The Red Legends range; a range of traditional Chinese snacks that attract the not-so-traditional audience. Introducing; Red Legends Marinated Duck Snacks.

The brandmark replicates the historic Chinese calligraphy brushstroke, a reflection of the traditional nature of the snacks that is further mirrored through the name *Red Legend*.

A fun and engaging design, our Creatives relished this project, producing a snacking range that reflects the culture and disrupts the status quo. A strategic design combined with a great product; it is no wonder these ducks are flying off the shelves!

  • Client
    ALDI China
  • Brief
    We were tasked by Aldi China to expand their ducking popular Red Legends range. They wanted us to capture the essence of the Red Legend Identity, so we gave them three funky, vibrant designs that reflect the target market; ambitious Millennials and the go-getter Gen Z’s.
  • Scope
    Brand Creation, Packaging Design, Illustration.
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