The greatest wealth is health. ALDI Australia wanted to break into this sector with a premium health and beauty range, targeted at fit and healthy females.

Inspiration for the brand name, copy and design came from the healthy brand values. The flavour matching colours link back to the natural origin of each product. Aequi, a play on the word Aqua, what is healthier than H2O?

The pops of colour attract attention. The colour and the sans serif font combo reflect the cosmetic aspect. Once the eyes are on the prize, the contrasting light grey base colour and the typewriter typography give the pharmaceutical feel, giving the consumer confidence in the effectiveness and quality of the product. Aiming to make Aequi part of the consumers daily health regime, the coloured bands and consistent design work to connect the entire range creating a sense of routine.

Experiential packaging, the future? With growing competition and increasingly savvy shoppers, it is important to think outside the box, literally. That’s where the beautiful cylinder came from, just that little bit different, it sparks joy making you feel like a kid at Christmas. Every time it is opened it feels like the unwrapping of a lavish gift and inside, what better gift than the gift of health.

  • Client
    ALDI Australia
  • Brief
    The gift of health! The health and vitality industry is booming. ALDI Australia wanted to compete in this sector with a premium health and beauty range. Predominantly vegan the range also allowed them to tap into the growing vegan consumer trend.
  • Scope
    Brand Name, Brand Creation, Packaging Design (continually expanding range)
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