• Motor is a long standing and valued branding and design partner of ALDI Australia. Together we have fostered a relationship that extends over 17 years and they are an integral associate for the development of our exclusive brand strategy and packaging design execution.

    Simon Padovani - Group Buying Director, ALDI Stores AUSTRALIA

  • Anyone can come up with a brand name, that’s the easy part. But lucky for us we found the team who could take a name and turn it into a branding and commercial success; Motor. They have been part of the muk family from the very beginning and in those 12 years have designed great branding that the market place now recognises instantly. We operate in a very crowded market, but the muk logo and packaging have become icons to us and our customers. A great designer understands design AND function and we always succeed in both areas when Warren and his Motor crew work with us.

    Scott Reynolds CA - Director, Muk Hair Care

  • I have developed products in four continents over 30 years. When it comes to branding and packaging design, Motor leads the pack. Pivotal to product success is to create a perception which consumers subliminally associate with. Warren has this knack, he quickly grasps what you’re looking for and 95% of the time surprises on the upside. Over the last ten years he has proven this time and time again. From my perspective Warren is made up of a dash of humility, a lot of integrity, a little bit of crazy and a ton of talent. It has been one of my great pleasures working with Motor and long may his 25 year association with Amcal continue.

    Jeremy Prichard - Retail Expert

How's it going?

Welcome to Motor Brand Design, want to learn a little about us? You’re in the right place! We are a Creative Design Agency with studios in Melbourne, Australia and Shanghai, China. Our clients are from all over the world including the USA, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia. We are award-winning (not to blow our own trumpet, well maybe a little), but honestly, our main focus is delivering success for our clients, their products and their market position. Our team of absolute legends, ‘specialists’ in professional speak, create or rejuvenate consumer branding, packaging design and identity to help the little guys who want to get bigger and big guys who want to remain ahead.

Pass us the bubbly, we turned 21 in 2021. We come with years of experience, it’s no wonder our average client relationship is 12 years young; Pretty good sign hey? We create strong relationships because we know what we are doing, and our clients love what we do, plus we are pretty fun to work with!